Romantic period inspired, ŞEHZADE Collection emphasizes female frailty, tiny waists and heavy bosoms. Precious handcrafted details with beads and sequins, silk taffeta in bold colors and bell-shaped skirts will transform your story in a fairy tale. The shapes are figure flattering, with low V cut necklines to emphasize the femininity and grace of its wearer, creating a breathtaking appearance.       IMG_20150430_123817 IMG_20150430_123222 IMG_20150430_134140 (1) IMG_20150430_133723 IMG_20150430_135059 (1) IMG_20150430_151002 IMG_20150430_133051 (1) IMG_20150430_152018 IMG_20150430_133329 (1) IMG_20150430_134713 (1) IMG_20150430_135535